We have Certified Subject Matter Experts and trainers in the following disciplines:

  • Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction, Sensitive Site Exploitation
  • Forensic Services, Fingerprints, Footwear & Tire Track Comparison
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Unusual Impressions
  • Firearms and Explosive Device Exploitation
Pioneer Forensics LLC


More About Us

Veritatem Per Evidentia

"Truth Through Evidence"


We work with Prosecutors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Fire Professionals, Governments, Courts, etc.  Click below for a list of some of our clients.

Consultants and Trainers

We are Criminalists, National Defense, Law Enforcement and Fire Investigators that are recognized experts with certifications in the disciplines we practice.

​Pioneer Forensics LLC offers a comprehensive approach to investigating suspect activities by leveraging the expertise of Criminalists, National Defense, Law Enforcement, and Fire Investigators along with cutting-edge evidentiary technologies. Our team has successfully provided crucial intelligence and information for a broad spectrum of incidents, including arson, explosions, and suspicious deaths.

We are dedicated to helping you understand all potential actions and causes of an incident, enabling you to make factual statements about justification and involvement. Our experienced investigative team is prepared to respond to incidents of any size, providing thorough and reliable support.

Our investigators, who are current or former government experts, hold certifications in their respective disciplines. Their extensive expertise ensures that we cover all critical information in your sensitive matters. If we cannot assist with your case, we will refer you to an appropriate investigator to ensure you receive the necessary support.