The members of Pioneer Forensics LLC are committed to providing a fair and unbiased analysis for your investigative questions. Our members are recognized experts and maintain proficiency in their respective fields. Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes on a cold case or a trusted colleague for technical review or verification, we will endeavor to assist you. Our staff is constantly engaged in research and product development and we’re happy to discuss ways in which we may be of service to you. We are available for case reviews, technical reviews, verification of results and expert opinions. We do not charge for initial inquiries so please contact us with your questions.  If we cannot assist you will we will attempt to align you with the proper analyst.

Our consultants are court recognized experts in the following areas:

  • Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstruction, Sensitive Site Exploitation

  • Forensic Services, Finger prints, Footwear & Tire Track comparison

  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

  • Unusual Impressions

  • Firearms and Explosive Device Exploitation


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Veritatem Per Evidentia

"Truth Through Evidence"

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Pioneer Forensics LLC

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Mr. Tewes has over 38 years of experience as a Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Criminalist, and Crime Scene Analyst. He has developed and taught more than thirty courses on Crime Scene Analysis, Footwear Collection and Comparison, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Physical Evidence Handling, and Crime Scene Chemical Applications.

Rich holds certifications as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst, Footwear Examiner, and Bloodstain Pattern Analyst from the International Association for Identification. He is a court-recognized expert in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Footwear Comparison, Fingerprint Identification, and Crime Scene Analysis. He has also contributed to research, professional journals, conferences, and academic institutions.

Currently, Rich serves as Vice President of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts and chairs the Ethics Committee. He has held various positions in related associations, including the Rocky Mountain Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts, and is an active member of multiple forensic organizations. Additionally, he co-created the Colorado Forensic Footwear Information Network.

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