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We work with Prosecutors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, Fire Professionals, Governments, Courts, etc.  Click below for a list of some of our clients.

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Pioneer Forensics, LLC is an investigative, research and training company built around the use of physical evidence to gain the knowledge, intelligence and information used in the pursuit of understanding events and ultimately providing a factual basis for investigative conclusions.  We achieve results through our extensive experience in crime scene investigations, evidence analysis, sensitive site exploitations, physical evidence matching and comparisons and critical interpretation of data.  Our research and training center allows us to conduct onsite examinations, testing and documentation of probative events and verification of findings.  We have researched and developed unique investigative equipment necessary in the recovery of any remaining materials which provide for intelligent associations.  Our unique tools and products are developed on site and are subsequently utilized by investigators worldwide and in federal, state and local training and investigative agencies.

Fees for Consulting and Investigation

An initial case review for suitability is not charged. If we are unable to perform the services needed we will suggest the disciplines that will best serve your interest.

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Pioneer Forensics LLC

Veritatem Per Evidentia

"Truth Through Evidence"