Veritatem Per Evidentia

"Truth Through Evidence"

Pioneer Forensics LLC


Snow Casting of Impression Evidence

The workshop reviews casting techniques.  The course discusses the advantages of using molten sulfur techniques to cast show and tire marks in snow.

Standard Collection for Footwear, Tire and Impression Evidence

The workshop reviews common techniques for obtaining quality standards of impression evidence for comparison to an unknown.  The workshop uses Trex for obtaining tire, shoe and foot impressions.

Electrostatic Dust Lifting

The workshop presents techniques of lifting tire and shoe impressions in dust using common electrostatic dust lifting techniques.


The workshop provides a basic foundation for identifying, documenting and preserving impression evidence.

IR Photography

The workshop focuses on the uses, application and techniques for recovering evidence using Infra-Red photography.

Forensic Chemistry for Crime Scenes

An 8 hour workshop teaching students the preparation and application of blood, tread and latent print chemistry commonly used at crime scenes.

Forensic Chemistry

The workshop teaches students the preparation and application of chemistry commonly used in the crime lab.

Crime Scene Documentation

The workshop reviews methods of documenting crime scenes through video, photography, sketches and diagrams.

Collection of Evidence from Sex Assault Victims and Suspects

The bodies of victims and suspects can hold vital physical evidence.  The workshop reviews the documentation, collection and preservation of physical evidence such as hair and fiber, biological and DNA evidence.

Homicide Victim Documentation at the Medical examiner Officer

Proper documentation and evidence collection at autopsies by detectives and crime scene investigators is necessary for a complete homicide investigation.  The workshop reviews accepted protocols for collection of physical evidence obtained during forensic autopsies.

Fingerprinting and Other Friction Ridge Skin Collection for Comparison

The workshop provides students with the essentials of obtaining inked prints for comparison to unknown crime scene evidence.  The workshop reviews the proper methods of obtaining rolled 10 print cards, elimination prints, major case prints and footprints.

Expert Testimony

Frequently, crime scene investigators and criminalists are asked to provide expert testimony during the course of a trial.  The workshop, taught by an experienced expert in crime scene and impression evidence, provides an overview of the responsibilities and expectations of expert witnesses.

Crime Scene Investigation for Fire Investigators

The workshop provides fire investigators with the essentials of crime scene management and procedures.  Students will overfiow the recognition, documentation and collection techniques for evidence commonly found at fire scenes.

Crime Scene Staging

Elements of crime scene staging are frequently found in crime scenes to deceive investigators of the  true nature of the crime.  The workshop reviews methods of identifying staging at the scenes of arson, burglary, suicide and homicides.

Field Presumptive Testing

The workshop overviews commonly used blood presumptive tests, proper preparation, application and the interpretation of test results.

Confidential Informant Development

This 8 hour training course will introduce the student to the procurement and management of confidential informants/sources.  The class will address successful recruitment tactics, contracts, and office safety issues.  Real-life examples of where to recruit informants, the different types/motivations of informants, and best practices will be presented.  A review of recent case law and common prosecutorial policies will also be discussed.  This basic informant training is intended for those working in law neforcement or public safety; to include sworn peace officers, investigators/detectives, fire investigators, and prosecutors.

Day Workshops