Veritatem Per Evidentia

"Truth Through Evidence"

Pioneer Forensics LLC

Training Policies

Entrance Requirements:

Professionals in training or currently employed in law enforcement, criminalistics, crime scene investigation, private investigation/security, or law.  Students within Criminal Justice programs are accepted for some courses, call for information.

Registering for a Class:

Students may register for a course by calling (970) 292-8487 or by email at

Cancellation & Refund:

Students receive a 100% refund up to the start of training.  Should Pioneer Forensics cancel a scheduled training couse, students will be notified by email as soon as possible. Students will receive the option of being re-scheduled or receiving a refund.


Students must attend 90% of training hours to successfully complete the training.  We understand on-call assignments and court appearances and will provide options for these and other special circumstances.

Class Schedule:

Training will typically be conducted 8am to 5pm unless otherwise posted.

Grading, Examinations and Successful Training Completion:

To receive a training certificate, students must attend 90% of training and successfully complete a written and practical exam with a score of 75%.  Students completing an 8 or 40 hour course will receive a certificate of training.  Students who complete 5 training courses with Pioneer forensics will receive a plaque recognizing the 200 hours of instruction.


Several hotels are located within 2 miles of Pioneer Forensics.  Special rates and room blocks for attendees may be offered as needed.

On-site Training:

Pioneer Forensic can provide on-site training.  Please contact Pioneer Forensics for details.

Pioneer Forensics, LLC  instructors are court recognized experts and certified practitioners.  Training programs are developed with the guidance of an American Society for Training and Development certified training designer.

Training Philosophy:

Every training program consists of interactive, hands on instruction which concludes with a practical assessment.  Much of the training is expanding the student's experience base through case study and real world examples. 

  • We value your time and money, ensuring you get a full day's training.
  • We strive for students to understand the theory (why) behind the skill (how).
  • We ensure that students completing our training will have new knowledge to contribute to their organizations.

Onsite, Residential and Distance Learning
  • Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
  • Crime Scene Analysis & Reconstruction
  • Fire/Arson/Post Blast Training
  • IED/Post Incident Exploitation
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Footwear/Tire Impression Evidence
  • Train the Trainer
  • Investigative Photography
  • Evidence Management


Training for trainers, workshop series for college students and legal professionals as well as distance learning and product training.

Day Workshops

Application oriented, skill based training events intended to address specific needs for individuals and organizations.

Training Courses

Court recognized expert instructors.

Forty Hour Courses

Tuition and Fees

Payment for training is due at the start of the course.  Students may use check, money order or credit card.

  • Week long training courses: $600 - $795
  • One day seminars: $100
Special Rates:

As students attend additional Pioneer Forensics week long training, they will receive a loyalty discount.  The continuing discount has no time limit.

  • 1st course: full price
  • 2nd course: 8% discount
  • 3rd course: 15% discount
  • 4th - 9th course: 25% discount
  • 10 or more - 30% discount